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Is there a way to get doors to show up on a window schedule instead of the door schedule? I have many doors (4 panel glasss sliders) that will be built with fixed (inoperable) screens essentially making them windows and I want them on the window schedule for permitting review rather than the door schedule. There are many and they are all placed and detailed properly... Any way to keep the objects yet get them to show up on the window Schedule?


Thank you!

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Yes, you can do that. 


I often modify my schedule worksheets to include complimentary information - for instance, adding skylights to the window schedule.


My recommendation would be to copy your existing database row and paste it into the line beneath the existing one.


The database row reports all of the records that meet it's criteria.  So, for the second (new) database row, change the criteria to that which will limit it to the doors that you want to feature.  That could be via the manufacturer info, or the ID label range or ....


To do this, right click (or control click on mac) on the row # and then select "edit criteria".  See graphic.


If it's just a few doors and a one of a kind situation, you can also just manually add the text to the rows following the database, but I sense that you're looking for a live-linked method.


Good luck.




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Alternatively, if the IDs overlap and you want them mixed is to use a bunch of IF statements.


Something like:


IF(ObjectTypeName='Window', window.width, door.width)'


For this to work well you need to make sure the criteria for the report is only returning doors and windows.


@Taproot's suggestion of having the doors listed at the end as a separate database is cleaner if it will work for you.

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