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Professional & Educational Licenses on same machine?


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Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to have a Pro License of Spotlight and an Educational License of Designer co-exist on the same machine?

I've already tried just adding the educational serial number to my existing copy.  "Only one serial number allowed" it responds...


I'd like to avoid installing the program twice (and not sure that's a good idea, or even possible.)


(Before you ask - I only need Spotlight for my professional work and generally stick to it for classes as well, but I have grad students this semester asking me about things in Architect and Landmark and would like to be able to help them.)




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If you’re on MacOS, perhaps it might work if you created a second OS User Account, log-in to that new User account and input your Educational S/N for Designer. (Keeping your Pro Spotlight S/N on the first OS User Account).

No idea if this would work, but just a thought. 

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