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Kevin Krautle

Copying designs between sheets = Circuit Lines don't update/redraw anymore

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@ Vectorworks Dev Team


 I have seen this both in Vectorworks 2019 and 2020 on my mac. 


In 2020 if i open up a fresh blank document and create two devices, connect them, then copy all of it between the readme design layer and the schematic design, the links look like they follow but the lines never update properly ever again. So if I move the signal block, the lines stay static. This happens about 95% of the time. Once in a blue moon it actually copies properly and the lines update properly when the block is moved. I have seen other times were some circuits work but not all.


If I click reroute circuits It looks like the lines are still connected but never update their drawing properly ever again.



After Reroute.png

Before Reroute.png


After Copy.png

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Hi Kevin,


Confirm that. But I also see that this is fixed in the upcoming new version.


Thanks for reporting it.



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I have the same issue with grouping objects - maybe it fits this topic?



- Create 2 Data Term Panels with 16 connectors

- Group each panel together

- Connect both panel's corresponding ports

- Move one of the panels


The same happens when grouping is done after connecting.

And "ungroup" still does not bring back the updated lines after moving.



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Hi Matthias


That doesn't seem to me like the same thing. Not quite sure what you are doing from your description, if you a have moment to record a short movie and send me a sample file that would help. The Connect tool and the Circuit object it creates are designed to locate sockets inside devices at the top level. If you device is inside a group it won't connect (I think).


Anyway let me know what you are expecting to be able to do and we'll discuss it.



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