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Landscape BIM assistance - project and/or developer roles

jeff prince

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I am looking for people interested in full time and/or contract based work assisting with residential and commercial landscape architecture projects and/or developing custom Vectorworks objects and workflows to suit the discipline.  I am using 3D Vectorworks objects and landscape BIM workflows to define projects in the US using the imperial system.  International candidates welcome if you are familiar with construction methods used in the US.  I am based in Phoenix, Arizona and very interested in working with local talent.


Typical projects may involve developing some or all of the following, depending on the candidate’s skills and interest:

  • existing conditions models, including topography and architecture
  • modeling proposed designs from initial sketches, artistic renderings, verbal descriptions, or 2D CAD
  • dimensionally and aesthetically accurate renderworks textures
  • object styles for walls and hardscape based upon provided construction details
  • Building custom parametric landscape objects such as fire pits, overhead structures, swimming pools, spas, landscape feature walls
  • worksheets to do construction take offs
  • Editing images of specific landscape plants to incorporate into plant styles and for use in other softwares.


I’m a landscape architect licensed in Arizona with a diverse international portfolio.  I’m pushing the envelope of what is possible with Vectorworks and need likeminded individuals to assist with the workload.  If you know someone who is really talented in just one of the items I listed above, I would likely have a development task for them.


If interested, please send me a private message here on the forum describing what type of employment you seek, where you are located, which of the tasks I listed you are most suited for, a link to some examples of your work,  and the preferred way to contact you.  I will typically respond within 24 hours and we can go from there.

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