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New 12.0.1 updater for Mac posted


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Hi everyone,

Yesterday, we posted a note about an important revision to our Mac 12.0.1 updater:

12.0.1 Revised Update for Mac

The updater originally posted last week failed to update four files which it should have updated. This causes some functional problems with the plant tool and possibly some other more minor side effects. In any event, we recommend that you download and run the updater again if you use VW on a Mac and originally updated on or before Tuesday Feb 21.

If you re-run the updater and don't need the update, you'll get a message indicating that you are up to date. Future updates to VectorWorks will be available by simply re-running your updater software, as the updates themselves are downloaded during the process.

I hope this doesn't cause you too much difficulty.

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HI and thanks. Just caught this, downloaded the new updater and tried to run it. I enter any one of my 3 licenses and I get the message "This is not a valid application serial number".

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with the updater. Fortunately, I haven't noticed any problems with my original updated 12.01 from February 17.

Any help is appreciated to bring me current.

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Thanks for the heads up

A couple of requests for the upgrade process


PLEASE allow me to paste the serial number into the updater's dialog box. I have 40 machines to update and this is tedious to type in over and over.


Along those lines-can I download the updater files once and access them locally. The web based updater is OK for a 10 user office but gets impractical at a larger firm.


If you have to revise a release can it have a different version number. 12.0.2 or 12.0.1a would be easier to identify than going through the install process twice to find out you have the correct version.

Thanx in advance


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