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[plug] ViewPack 12 is here!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Firstly, let me apologize for my "shameless plug".

I'd like to look at it as more of a helpful productivity tip for VW users ;-)

so... without further ado... (drum roll please)

ViewPack 12 (for Vectorworks 12) is finally here!!!

I'll be putting up some demonstration movies on the website within a few days so check back (or download the demo) to see it in action...

For more details and a demo, visit our website: www.panzercad.com


ViewPack Features include:

New Navigation Commands:

Navigate directly to any "space" of any viewport from

anywhere in your document via simple key commands.

A viewport "space" includes any of the following:

The design layers & classes (visible in the viewport)

The annotations of the viewport

The crop of the viewport

The residing sheet layer of the viewport

Once you enter any viewport space (using a simple key

command), you can easily move between all of the other

spaces for that viewport with a simple key command.

Other Navigation features:

? With our "smart zooming", the view doesn't shift

(disorienting you) when moving from one space to another.

? Works on locked viewports allowing you to lock them in

place and still edit their contents.

? Allows you to set the default design layer and class for every

viewport when entering them.

? An option to show the crop outline when entering a viewport's design layers.

Create Viewports from Views:

? Quickly converts Saved Views into Sheet Layers with viewports.

? Quickly gets an existing document up and running with viewport technology.

Create Views from Viewports:

? Converts viewports to Saved Views.

? Useful for exporting files back to older versions of Vectorworks.

View Manager:

? An organization and management tool for setting layer

and class visibilities for Saved Views and Viewports.

? Allows a default active layer and class, and layer and class options to be set

for every viewport (when entering their design layer via ViewPack commands).

? Create View Matrix feature allows you to create a worksheet (or exported

spreadsheet data) displaying layer and class visibilities for all viewports

and Saved Views in a document.

? Export Classes feature allows you to easily transfer classes (including their

attribute settings) to other documents.

Class Attribute Mode:

? Allows you to switch between multiple sets of class attributes in a single document.

VP Crops on Design Layer:

? Allows you to place viewport crop objects onto a design layer.


As always, I'd love to hear any (and all) comments on ViewPack 12.

If you're still reading this, thanks for putting up with me :-)

Best regards,

Matt Panzer



PanzerCAD Services, Inc., Severna Park, Maryland, USA

Phone: (410) 544-5000

Fax: (410) 544-5000

eMail: matt@panzercad.com

Website: http://www.panzercad.com


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