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Clip cube visual bug

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I have a problem with Clip Cube tool. While using clip cube to create sections it creates some kind of white mask (white filling) when cutting through solids. Objects does not appear if they are below cutting line and at the same time cutting line does not go through a hole in the solid.

Everything works fine if cutting line goes through any kind of hole in the solid.

Hope someone can help mi with that or at least explains why it works like this.

Example file in attachments.


Clip cube bug.JPG

Clip cube bug.vwx

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@Peter Neufeld, thanks for answer.

But it is not the 3D view or OpenGL problem.

My case is visible on the sheet layers (I have prepared one with explanations). You can see that there are differences between section viewports that go through solid with a hole and solid without a hole.

I cannot see the chair in the section viewport on the sheet layer. Changing view from standard to orthogonal does not work. If I change rendering style to "Dashed Hidden Line" it works (chair is in place), but using option "Hidden lines" chair is gone some how but it should be visible.

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Hello (sorry I do not know your name),


I think you have to document the problem including movies so that the engineers can reproduce and understand the problem. Make sure you submit it to https://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit


Hidden Line Render doesn't work with the Clip Cube on Design layers so it might have something to do with that:




At least with section viewports the 'Hidden Objects Display' ties in somehow. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help - hopefully more learned friends on this forum will be able to.










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