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Landscape Functionalities like Pool Studio / VIP3D

jeff prince


I have encountered several client pool designers/landscape companies and now my most recent employer who use Pool Studio or the more powerful VIP3D by Structure Studios.  The capabilities within those packages for the creation of swimming pool shapes and related hardscape elements is astounding.  VIP3D can essentially act as your design presentation and construction drawing package for typical landscape construction in both residential and commercial projects.  It would be great if we had tools such as this within Vectorworks.  To achieve similar results, I use a combination of native 3D tools, but it is extremely time consuming compared to these other software packages.  I encourage the Vectorworks team to take a look at Structure Studios and see what could be done to improve Vectorworks for creating pool shapes that results in smart objects that can report their attributes and dimensions in ways that make sense for construction.

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I would like to echo this request, as some of the parametric tools made by Structure Studios seem to truly capture the idea of letting the computer do the work so I can focus on design instead of drafting/modeling. Their integrated deck, railing, and stair tool (found at this link, watch the video) is easy to use and understand. I wish this and other tools from the VIP3D package would find their way into Vectorworks.

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