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View palette?


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Thank you all for your replies, but what I am asking is a palette for quickly changing from Top view to left view, to Right Isometric, etc. I understand that I can save those views and then change between them, but I would like a palette to switch between the "Standard Views".

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On my PC laptop, Num Lk button creates a temporary numerical keypad as described by Michael K on a Powerbook. I also have a mini USB keypad.

You can also create the ortho views as Saved Views and select them from the navigation palette as needed. This can be useful if you are zoomed in on a detail in an ortho view because you will return to the same zoom, rather than the default zoom level.

As mentioned earlier, you can float this palette, set it to auto hide and place where you like.


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Felt so stupid again...I tried and tried using these Fn/# keys - nothing happened. To me Fn/# are F1, F2 etc.

I was about to give up when I by accident touched the numeric key pad...there it was

A great function, but I still miss a view label somewhere on the screen. How do I know which view I'm in? Something like "Active view: right isometric" would help ....a view palette...

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How would the palette you want differ from the existing view pane of the Navigation Palette?

"Create the ortho (Standard Views) views as Saved Views and select them from the navigation palette as needed."

Could you describe the palette you want in a little more detail? Have you tried using the keypad numbers?


Cinema 4D uses "Heads Up display" that does exactly what you want and more. It would be nice to have something like it in VW.


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This is an easy VectorScript customization. I too have to access several 3D views frequently, and work off of a laptop. I have a simple script pallet with the views I use regularly.

I tried adding the standard VectorWorks views to the context menu, so I could right click and get them, but all standard views are locked together, and I could not add just the few I need. However, if you want them all, you can add them to your "right-click" menu in the workspace editor which is very cool.

I had hoped to create some icons for these views, and crate a true tool palette, but if you want to have what I use now, feel free to download the following zip archive containing these simple VectorScripts. If you option/alt double click on one, it will show you the simple VectorScript command, so you can create your own.


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