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Is anyone using Sharepoint and Project Sharing successfully? 


We are experimenting with Project Sharing, which looks fantastic - but trying to do this remotely with master files saved on Sharepoint for multiple access. 


We seem to be having issues with syncing - and I'm not sure if this is due to Project Sharing, or Sharepoint, or a general incompatibility between the two. 


(Working on a master file, committing changes and releasing, but then the master on sharepoint not updating.)


Any insight or experience would be much appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Lisa
I'm not familiar with Sharepoint in detail, but assuming that it works like Dropbox, Box, etc, in that a file is stored in the cloud but syncs to a local copy on your hard drive?

If so, Sharepoint is not listed as one of the supported cloud options:
Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box



However, the process for any cloud sharing is that the FOLDER containing the project file is shared (not the project file itself) among the users. Working files should not be stored in that folder. 
I hope that helps... 

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Thanks @Tamsin Slatter - we're still getting used to it! It's actually OneDrive we're using, though confusingly referring to it as Sharepoint, as when we click on OneDrive the web address then references Sharepoint for some unhelpful reason... (I really dislike Microsoft!) So as far as I'm aware it should be compatible / supported. 


We're sharing the folder among users, and working files stored on each desktop. I'm not sure if it's a project sharing issue or one drive issue.


It is working - but takes loads of syncing and communicating between users which I didn't think we'd need as much of!

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Hi All- We are looking at migrating our live project files to Sharepoint to act as a server (recommended by out IT provider) and i was wondering if anyone could provide an update on the compatibility issues raised above?? He tells us that Onedrive and Sharepoit whilst similar are not the same thing. Does anyone know if Sharepoint will still allow VW project and working files to operate without sync issues?

Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any replies..

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