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Vw2020 Resource Library Objects Aren’t Provided With Attached Records

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I've noticed that Vw2020 Resource Library Objects (installed with the software, not VSS libraries) seem to no longer come provided with Attached Records as they have in previous Vw versions.


All they have now are a few Tags, but no Records. I'm not sure when or why this change happened, but I have a few favorite Libraries that I migrated into 2020 which have much more specification records already attached, which is it much more useful for pulling info for Data Tags. 


Was this an intentional change? If so — why? Thanks.


For an example of what I am asking about, see the attached screen caps below of a Wolf DF48 symbol / plug-in object.


Screen cap of Wolf DF48 found in /Applications/Vectorworks 2020/Libraries/Objects - Building Equip_Appliances/Wolf USA Appliances.vwx



And a screen cap of Wolf DF48 from my migrated Favorite file (probably Vw2016 era):




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Hi rDesign,


Thanks for reaching out. To answer your question, yes this change was intentional and began in Vectorworks 2018.


Since then, we’ve completely shifted from using the “Material Take Off” or “MTO” record, that use to display in the “Data” pane in the Resource Manager (that you have circled in your screen image), to a more integrated and complete record that is captured using IFC.


Most of the same data that was capture in the MTO record has been moved over to the new record plus the addition of IFC entity/Pset data, OmniClass/Masterformat, Uniclass2015, COBie, and manufacturer-specific data (such as SKU and product description). This data now appears in the Object Info. Palette under the “Data” tab as an IFC record as well as under “IFC Data…” which you can access by right-clicking on the object in the Resource Manager (see attached images/images below - "OIP" + "RM_IFC Data").



RM_IFC Data.png

Fortunately, this record is completely compatible with Data Tags. I’m not sure what data you want to displayed in your Data Tag, but if you use “IFC Entity” as the Data Source when “defining” your tag, you should be able to display any of the default data in our Vectorworks models in your tag and onto your drawing (see attached image/image below - "Data Tag Definition").

Data Tag Definition.png


I hope that this help!



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@Mariam Eshete - thank you for your very thorough reply: I skipped versions directly from Vw2016 to Vw2020 which explains my ignorance about this change. Also since I have no need for IFC data in my work, I would likely have never discovered this on my own. 

Do you know if there is a recommended training video on VwUniv where I can learn about simply adding IFC info to my own custom symbols? Thanks.

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