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Problem with line tool



The line tool won't snap onto objects where I want it to, it just shoots up and attaches to another point on the object.  For example, I have a circle and want to snap onto the side, when I click the point on the circle I want to snap to, Vectorworks is putting the line on the top of the circle.


I've had this problem before, but it's gone away and I'm not sure what I've done to either cause it, or resolve it.  Any help gratefully received.

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Make sure you have Snap to Grid off.


Make sure you have Snap to Objects on.  And if you're trying to make a line be tangent to a circle, you probably want Snap to Tangents on also.


If snap to grid is on then the line endpoint is trying to snap to every grid point along the way.  If Snap to Objects is off then it won't try to snap to the circle.


I usually like to have all the snaps on except for Snap to Grid because it's evil and Snap to Tangent because it's confusing.

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