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Silje Jessica

Ideas to make furniture dottted in elevation view

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Hi Everyone,

Writing to see if anyone has come up to a solution to this problem - we find it really difficult to make furniture dotted and see through in elevation view. Furniture objects vary from downloaded meshes / symbols, to custom furnture we model with vectorworks geometry. Regardless, they go in their own class, but class overrides are inconsistent at best at changing the display in elevation view. 


Attached is an example, 3 furniture items, lamp (downloaded), office chair (download) and floor (modelled in vecotworks, legs are floors and top is a NURBS surface.) With class overrides as dotted lines with no fill, none of the objects show this way. Has anyone found a way to display this information in elevation view? Manually tracing furniture is inefficient and causes problems with furniture items are replaced and moved around. The furniture view is essential for us to design the wall finishes and locations of various installations.






Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 10.34.53 AM.png

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 10.36.29 AM.png

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Unfortunately, 3D objects will not take on any dashed / dotted Line Type (see THIS thread for more info, and also THIS old wishlist thread).

Currently I think the only way to do what you’re asking is to create the separate 2D Components for Hybrid objects and give those 2D components the dashed / dotted Line Types as you like. [This may be the inefficient ‘manual tracing’ approach you refer to].


Know that this only works for the cardinal directions of the Hybrid symbols; If your symbol is slightly rotated (as it would be in real-life), or if your section cut is not exactly parallel to all of the visible furniture — then this approach won’t work.


2D Components for Hybrid Symbols :: Vw University

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Yes you could do this with Hybrid 2D/3D Symbols and Classes easily.

As long as everything stays 90°.


I mostly do so.

But have to agree that your slightly rotated furniture looks pretty pleasing.


So my first idea was to just use special Symbols for plans.

Pure 2D Symbols that show furniture - slightly rotated.

But I am not sure if that will really work. 2D Symbols in generated Elevations (?)

Even when just manually spreading them in VPs annotation space, it would

not work for partly occluded furniture like in your example.


Could Transparency be a workaround for dashed line styles ?

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