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12.0.1 Walls & Classes

Chris D

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Nice to see an improvement to the version 12 wall tool in such an early bugfix release (12.0.1) - you can now assign wall attributes by class style, but only if the wall has no components.

Can this be extended to the individual components for a future release. I want to be able to class each component of a wall, so that I can change the appearance of each component with Viewport Class Overrides.

The overrides are very powerful but are hampered at the moment by non-classed attributes such as wall components.

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I second you on this.

In version11 we found it very useful to be able swith on class attributes to show walls with and without pattern/hatch fills.

What we find in Version12 is that when we define a define a class attribute (eg. pattern fill) this does not show up unless we repeatedely and separately identify each object and click on the attributes palette.

John Ryan

CPR Architects

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