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Wall Texture simple help

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This ought to be simple for anyone who knows what they're doing .....  in the attached image, how do I move the lines in the wall surface such that one horizontal  line is aligned with the sill ?  (right now it is about 4" lower than the sill)   I tried using the attribute mapping tool to no avail.  I suspect there must be something I don't know about the AM tool.   I thought of the setting for textures that assigns a global 'Z' value, but it is grayed out on the OIP.  The wall in the image is a styled wall with an outer component of plaster and I only want to move the texture on the outer component without moving the texture of the other components (although ... I can work around it if I must ... please tell me how to move the texture)    I even tried reading the manual .... which doesn't seem to address how to move a texture on a wall.


Thanks for any help ....   (sorry,  but I'm using VWA2015, so please consider if your advice is OK for this older version).

wall texture test.jpg

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thanks, but .... can someone confirm that the Attributes Mapping tool will allow changes to the mapping of an individual wall component ?   I've been trying repeatedly to make it work, but it only works (for me) on unstyled walls when they are rendered "by object" and they don't have components.  

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I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say I know what I'm doing but is this not something you can adjust using the 'Offset V' setting in the Render tab of the O.I.P.? You can move the texture of an individual wall up + down - or side to side as well using the H (horizontal) setting. I used them to jiggle brickwork around to get the bricks looking correct at wall corners where the courses + perp joints weren't displaying properly. I've never used the attribute mapping tool but ought to look into it...

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