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Door and Window Tags

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My window and door tags are not appearing correctly in the viewports, but look perfect in the model. (Actually, the swings on the windows are missing too, perhaps unrelated)

Any advice would be great!


Things attempted so far:

  • Flipping the door/window
  • Changing fill of the tag's class
  • Display planer objects is checked for the viewport
  • Display 2D components is checked for the viewport







doors and windows.png

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Guest Wes Gardner


Here's a screen shot and a copy of your file - the Window tag (the one embedded in the Window tool) seemed to work  - it DOES require you to have "Display Planar Objects" turned on for that particular viewport.


I also placed a Data Tag (one that's intended for windows) in the viewport, you'll see that when you open the file, it's the lower one.


This was done in Service Pak 4 of 2020.



Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 12.19.34 PM.png

Untitled 5 wg.vwx

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