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Unwanted Diagonal Lines


We have an issue that regularly pops up.


Conditions that contribute: Vectorworks 2018; Artistic Edges; WinDoor; possibly walls not joined correctly.


If I replace the WinDoor object, the issue goes away and the stray diagonal lines disappear. I have tried changing most of the WinDoor preferences, even pens and classes, but the problem persists.

New Picture (15).jpg

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Hi @MaleXLR


For issues that are not persistent, especially those that manifest as graphics-related symptoms, I would check the file for 'far out objects.' See here for precise instructions. 


Because this issue is not consistent - i.e. would not occur in every file with the same conditions and does not occur every time - then the only viable way to determine whether it is due to: 

  • a bug or
  • a condition of the file or
  • a condition of the installation (less likely if other users experience this, but shared Workspaces can factor)

…is to provide a file experiencing this issue (preferably saved looking at the symptom so it's easy to find). 


Presumably the file is commercially sensitive. If so, see if this symptom persists after you copy/paste it to a blank document. To do so, please ensure you: 

  1. Copy all components concerned (including the walls that may not be joined correctly)
  2. Create a 'new blank document' using File > New… > Create blank document (not a template file)
  3. Then use Edit > Paste-In-Place (not just normal, 'Paste') 

There are many issues - like corrupt objects/data - that get 'fixed' by the copy/paste process, so you may find doing so within you existing document fixes each instance of the issue. If not, proceed with the test file and submit it here for contribution. 

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Thanks for the input.


Sadly I had already checked for "far out objects" previously, however I did stumble upon something.


It was recommended that we use Section Viewports instead of Viewports for elevations - for reasons that now elude me!


Taking the same elevation and Renderworks settings, the diagonal lines have gone. I can't see a down side at the moment, but assume that there was a reason for using Section Viewports...

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5 hours ago, MaleXLR said:

I had already checked for "far out objects" previously


Great that you've found a solution. I'm concerned however, that without applying the process suggested, whatever is responsible for that unusual result (possibly corrupt object/data) could very well continue to cause further issues. Despite Section Viewports being free of this symptom, I highly recommend you see if you can achieve a trouble-free rendering in a normal Viewport by applying the above information. 

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9 hours ago, MaleXLR said:

Following the suggested process yielded the same flawed results!


Can you please provide the 'new blank document' you pasted into so I can verify the behaviour. I'll see if it occurs in my installations of Vectorworks 2018 and then Vectorworks 2020 to see if it is a bug, or just a condition of the file/objects concerned. Thanks! 

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