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Garage slabs below Main floor and Garage doors for 3d models

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Hello All, 

I relatively new to this without any training.  So i may have some pretty beginner questions.  I wondering how you all handle a garage overhead door for a Single family home, since its most often at a lower level then the 0'0" main floor? I've been creating a new story and fighting through the bounds and shoving a short wall into to set the door. then cutting out the door for the main floor exterior wall.


I'm quite certain this is not the easiest way to achieve this but its all I've come up with 


thanks in advance 

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You can do it on the same design layer.  Just give the door a negative Z value in the OIP.


If the wall the garage door is inserted into has a bottom offset of 0 and its Bottom Bound is the Layer Elevation it will stick out below the wall.  You can give that wall (or all the garage walls) a negative bottom offset to lower the wall as needed. 

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Wes,  I used to use the reshape tool for door pockets in the foundation but I found wall recess simpler.   For example if you move the door you can move the wall recess fairly easily. 
That being said I use the reshape tool for things like stepped footings as you've shown in your example.

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