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Sheet Lists not Linked To Title Block Borders??

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I'm new to Title Block borders with my current project.  I like that they can automatically display their sheet's number and name (as set in the Navigation Palette).  But I think I've just now found that the Sheet List worksheet (Tools > Reports > Create Sheet List...) is not linked to the sheets and/or title block borders themselves?!?  (i.e., it doesn't have database rows).  Hopefully I'm really missing something!  Previously, for years, I was using my own title block symbols with Record Formats attached, and I could easily create Drawing Lists that could be easily updated to reflect the numbers and names of my sheets.  Is there a way to similarly make a worksheet that will reflect the data of Title Block borders?...  Thanks!    

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The real trick to the new TBB design is that there are now FIVE (actually more, but more on that later) record formats that are part of the TBB.


The Title Block Border Record contains the information about the board itself.

The Title Block Project Data Record (which shows in Create Report as just Project Data) contains the information from the Project page of the TBB dialog box.

The Title Block Sheet Data Record (which shows in Create Report as just Sheet Data) contains the information form the Sheet page of the TBB dialog box.

The Title Block Revision Data contains information on a revision

The Title Block Issue Data contains information on an issue.


Now for the more later part. Each Revision and Each Issue actually generates a separate Record format (Title Block Revision Data-1, Title Block Revision Data-2, etc.) so with a lot of revisions and issues you could end up with a lot more than 5 records attached to the TBB.


All of the records are hidden, so they don't show in the Data pane of the OIP. You have to use the Title Block Manager (or one of the other shortcut buttons in the OIP to open a specific pane of the Title Block Manager) to make changes. Or make the changes in a worksheet.


The easiest way to use these multiple record formats in a Worksheet is use the Create Report (Edit Report) options. Set the Basic Criteria to be Title Block Border. Use the Columns section at the bottom to add the record.field combinations you need. You can use fields from all 5* record formats in the same Report (database).



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Okay!!  Thank you Andy & Pat.  I think I've got it working.  Once I found the "Sheet Data" Record, I was able to generate a linked List of Drawings.  But then it was a bit of a struggle to exclude the sheets that I didn't want in the List.  I couldn't find if or where the "This Title Block is Active" option for TTBs might show up in worksheets so, ultimately, I used the "Status" field of "Sheet Data" and (as I did before with my Title Block symbols) created two worksheets: one a report where I can set the Status as either "Current" or not, and the other the List of Drawings itself that's on the drawings (and that looks for only "Current" sheets).  So I think it's all (mostly) good!


I say "mostly" 'cause I kinda would've expected the "Tools > Reports > Create Sheet List..." function to automatically create a linked worksheet.  Also, when setting the Field Value for the search criteria for the Database Row, is there any way to do it other than scrolling down through that infinitely long list of every possible Field Value in the known Universe?


Anyway, thank you!  -Will

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'Title Block Border'.'This Title Block Is Active' is the field you want. It can be used in either a column to display the data or as part of the database criteria using the Field Value Is.


Unfortunately, you kind of have to scroll to find what you want. Once you get the list of fields open in (at least if you are putting a record.field into a column header) you can start typing and the list will jump to the characters you type. So if you know you want This ...  start typing Th and it should put you very close. If you pause in the middle of typing it will take the next character as starting over and jump to that as the first character.

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Ah... I'd looked for "Active" and "Title Block" and who knows what else.  But I didn't think to look for (or type to search...) "This..."


As far as I can tell, when the "This Title Block is Active" field is used in a column, the two choices (reasonably enough) are True or False, but it doesn't seem possible to change more than one at a time?  I have like 30 sheets that I want to exclude, and later I'll want to add back about 15.  One at a time is tedious...  Cut & paste doesn't seem to be allowed.  I know I'm not exactly using "Status" as it's intended to be used, but, it seems to give me better control....


As far as searching that infinite list goes, it seems it can be impossible to get beyond the first of many if you're searching for something such as "Height" or "Length"...


At least, and most importantly, I've now got a fully linked List of Drawings.  So thanks for your help!

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Hi guys,  I try to achieve exactly what @willofmaine achieved and this post is very useful, however, I don't understand how you execute the creation of the two worksheets. How they talk to each others? How the Sheet list (w/o the column "Status") knows which line to show and which not.  Are you using an "IF" function?  Thanks for you help.  

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Hi @JoeDrafter,


The two worksheets don't "talk to each other;" rather, they just report on different fields associated with the TBB.  The trick is to set up the Sheet List worksheet so that it only includes the sheets you want in the list.  In the "Status" column in the Report worksheet, type "Current" for any sheet you want displayed in the Sheet List.  Then, in the Sheet List worksheet, right-click on the Database row header (at the left), select "Edit Criteria...", and add a new "choice" that is "Field Value" > "Status" > "=" > "Current".  This will prompt the Sheet List to only display sheets that have the "Current" status.  So the Report worksheet is used to add and remove sheets from the Sheet List by changing the info associated with the TBB worksheet.  HTH

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