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Truss base / top plate

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I'm trying to make a Prolyte H30V top plate 30x30cm. I already made a base version, and that works fine. Now i'm trying to make a upside down version which not work properly. When trying to connect to the truss, the plate automaticly rotates with the pins facing up. I was already playing with starting / endpoints but unfortunately it doesn't work out.


Has anybody a solution or experiences on this subject?

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 17.34.08.png

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@gmulder I will take a look at this, I think I have a solution that will work for you.  I will post the file here is I have success.

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@gmulder I took a look and I was able to fix your file and come up with a solution.  The trick is to use the No Connection option on the flat base portion of the truss base when when setting up the truss info.  Using the No Connection option will force the Auto Connect Engine to only use the Neutral, Male, or Female end of the symbol which will flip the symbol accordingly when placing on top of a piece of truss, this way you only need to have one symbol that can be used on both ends.  In the file I have attached I set your base as a "No Connection" start and a "Male" end connection and the corresponding test piece of truss as a "Female" connection for both start and end.  I did this as I saw you were using the gendered connections and decided to stick with that for you.


Typically the conical connections that are on the H30V line of truss use the "Neutral" connection in the libraries that ship with Vectorworks as a separate coupler is used in the real world and is not actually placed into the drawing.  I typically only use Male/Female with the shipped libraries if the end connections are welded onto the truss at the factory like you see with fork and gable style truss.  I also tested with using "Neutral" on the truss and male portion of the base plate and also had success in getting the plate to properly connect to the top of the truss.  If you decide to use other shipped H30V content out the Resource Manager keep in mind these will be using the "Neutral" connection and you will have to adjust them to Female/Female to use the base in your file.  Let me know if you have any further questions.



Base plates 30x30 Fixed.vwx

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@JustinVH Well... that's making sense... thanks for the quick help!


We made a copy of the VWX library (prolyte / eurotruss / interall) 2 years ago and implement this in our workgroup for the whole company (16 licences). We did made some adjustments to line weight, copy full library in a black version, classes etc. Never looked at the connection types, but it's clear that we have to adjust this. We're also not using any coupler sections except on spacers, specific tube parts and base plates.


Connection type neutral on all situations will work the best. I tested it with truss and plates.


I have some work to do... Thanks!

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