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Plant Line - is there a way to copy characteristics?

Rob P

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You can save a landscape area and reuse it -

You can use the eyedropper tool as well

If you have the plants in the LA specified, the eyedropper will add them as well

One thing I have not figured out is if you use the eyedropper and have the plant tag on the DL, the new LA plant tag travels away from the new LA and requires resetting the tag to be the way you want - it would be great if when using the eyedropper, the plant tag can be set by an additional click - OR - just use data tags for plant info in Annotations of a viewport - 

Hopefully someone else can pick up the plant tag issue and solve its location when using the eyedropper 

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Hi Bob

I can't get that to work.

I'm using the Plant Line in a very simple way - to create uneven edges to rectangles and polygons that are representing sections through hedgerows and shrubs/planting where these appear in simple illustrative sections.

But your suggestion has helped me find an alternative solution - just convert the shapes into landscape areas via the 'Create Objects from Shapes' tool. I can then set default settings for the landscape areas.



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