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PC to Mac: CorelDRAW?

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With the updated iMac, I’m doing my yearly Mac drooling and wondering if this is the year I jump fence to become a Mac Dude?! Been using PC/Windows since about 1988. Until the last few years PCs were the only option with my workflow apps.  

Now it’s time for a new system and all of my workflow apps run on MacOS. The cost:quality for high performance is about a wash and often in Macs favor. So I’m doing some serious fence sitting. 


The only application I have question about running on Mac is CorelDRAW.

Any Mac users on the forum using CorelDRAW? 


Any PC and Mac users have experience using it on both platforms?

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Honestly I have no idea that CorelDraw still exist..... 

Just had a look on their website they do offer mac version as well as free trial


Depends on what is it you want to do, there are also alternative such as Affinity Designer (or Adobe)



So far I have no problem with VW on mac, (currently running a mac mini 6-core 64GB ram and blackmagic eGPU) and I work mostly in 3D

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the comment Peter. 
Yes CorelDRAW is still kicking with new owner. 
I have Illustrator and Affinity. 
Not to start a “war” 😀 but CDW has stock features which Illustrator or Designer lack for signage design. Will use only CDW on small projects when VW is not needed. And almost always use CDW for message layouts. 

VW is used for most signage projects and is much better in many ways than CDW. The one exception is VW is limited for handling typography due to no support for advanced OpenType features. So there’s a need an illustration app for message layouts, make PDF and import to VW. So Affinity would be a second choice app choice if CDW didn’t perform well on Mac. 

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