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Amending classes in architect's imported DWG File

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I have imported an architect's dwg file into VW Landmark 2019 to use in my garden design.  I've pared down the drawing by making unrequited classes invisible (I only need external wall, windows, door, boundary geometry and the levels.  However I want to make the drawing simplified further by making teh external walls a solid black.  I have converted symbols to groups and then ungrouped teh drawing but this has then ungrouped the class so that the wall is 2 separate lines rather than a symbol with yellow lines and none on the fill.


I could just trace over this geometry but that of course would go against the benefits of using VW.  Any ideas on how I can easily change the wall fill and line options?  Do I have to ask the architect to do this for future designs?


Thanks all


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Do the original symbols have a solid fill? If so then after courting to group there should be a poly in the group with that fill.


If not then perhaps using the compose command will join the ungruoped lines into a polys and then use the add surface command to combine into one poly.


Failing that you may have to trace. Setting the poly tool to selected area in the mode bar might be useful.


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