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is it possible to develop a worksheet that lists objects based on the object size ?  I tried setting the criteria in the data base line.  First I set the criteria based on the class. But for the next criteria there are hundreds of possible fields, but none of them say "length" "height""depth" unless it is associated with a PIO like a window.    In my case, I often design simple ADA ramps for charity, and I'd like to automatically do a material list when I get done.  For example, I might have joists that are extrudes, or generic solids, or a solid subtraction, and I'd like to lump them together based on size, so I know that I have to order 16 ft long boards or 8 ft long boards, etc.  


Any help with a proper formula/criteria is appreciated..... 

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Unless you are using PIO type objects like Framing Member or Structural Member, worksheets are going to be problematic to make cut lists from.


You can't use Length, Width, Height in the criteria, but you can use them in the column header. (=length)


The problem is that they return the values of the object bounding box. So al long as you are working in 2D and everything is horizontal or vertical, you can get reasonable results. They will be a little strange since vertical objects (let's use a 2"x4" as an example) will show a width of 2 inches and the height of maybe 8 feet. A horizontal member will show a width of 8 feet and a height of 2 inches.


You can use some formula tricks to straighten this out, but it is exasperating to do.


Add in slanted 3D into the mix and it gets even worse.


And then consider that is you go to a different view and recalculate you get even different values, it is probably not worth trying to do with solid modeled objects.


The Structural Member and Framing Member have fields that store the actual length of the pieces, so it is far easier to get the information from them.


HTH. Ask again if you still need more help.  There a a number of threads floating around on this same topic. Do a search for "Cut List" as a phrase and you should see a bunch of them.



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