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Can't get vs.TrueTypeToPoly(text) to work

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Hi all,


Coding question for those who write their own nodes. Every time I try to run a node with the (a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(text) the program crashes - has anyone run into this/has any suggestions? I've attached a simple sample node that creates text and then uses the above command to turn it into poly lines. It doesn't crash if I don't try to assign the output to the tuple (a,b), but also doesn't convert the text.





text test.vwx

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TrueTypeToPoly take a handle pointing to the text name a block of text as a parameter.


This seems to run:


(a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(vs.FSActLayer())


This creates a group containing the polygonized text. You probably need a vs.Redraw or RedrawAll to get the display right.


Be careful about passing a nil handle. When I did it crashed VW to the finder.



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Aha, didn't know there were different ways to grab the handle for the created text. The node would run once but crash on the second time for some reason with

(a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(vs.FSActLayer()). Did some playing, this combination seems to be the winner:


text = vs.CreateText('hello')   

(a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(vs.LNewObj() )

self.Params.out.value = b







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