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No viewport overrides for landscape areas?



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Hi Scott,


I don't know if you're still looking into this one. I would suggest that you're using Data Visualisation instead of viewport override.

Attached is a screenshot of two landscape areas in three different viewports. The first one is without any DV, in the second one I've asked it to look at the individual names in the Landscape areas and coloured them different grey according to this.

In the third one I've done the same thing but asked it to use hatches instead. Of course you can choose anything you want as the parameters, this is just an example.


You have a much bigger scope with Data Visualisation - and from 2020 you can use it in design layers as well, not just viewports (I often use it for planting schemes where I want to see (while I'm working) how much of the planting is deciduous and how much is evergreen).

Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 13.00.14.png

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On 8/7/2020 at 1:04 PM, CipesDesign said:

Unless I am mistaken, that is a general rule about Classes, and VP Overrides.


"Use at Creation" is not necessary for Viewport class overrides to work. As long as an object's attributes are set to "By Class" then overrides will work. (Use at Creation can be helpful in making sure attributes are set By Class when you make objects, but it doesn't directly affect whether or not overrides work.)

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I just tested. I believe Andy is correct. That was my understanding before.


Use At Creation allows you to have objects created in that class use the Graphics Attributes, Text Styles, and Textures of the Class regardless of what the settings in the Attributes Palette are. It has no impact on anything other than objects created while that specific Class is active.

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