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Building off of an extracted edge

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Hi folks- 
In the attached picture I have a lofted surface  on the left, an extracted edge in the middle, and the surface I'm trying to create on the right.
I've tried all the combinations I could think of but can't get the extracted NURBS curve and the additional geometry (a backwards L shape) to create a surface that I can extrude and continue edit.
Any help is most welcome.


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Select both nurbs and convert to mesh, set the fill to solid. Then use the push pull tool to extrude the mesh.

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Convert the Extracted Nurbs curve to Polys and then either Reshape the poly to add the additional edges or draw a second poly and Add Surface. That will get you a polyline/polygon that you should be able to extrude.


Make a second NURBS curve for the backwards L. Select both curves and 3D PowerPack Create Surface from Curves. If you get two separate surfaces then use the Stitch and Trim Surfaces to get a single NURSB surface. You can then use the Push/Pull tool on the NURB surface to simulate an extrude. Convert to Generic Solids is you actually need a solid object.



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