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Data bar no longer locking line fields


I am using Vectorworks 2019 for Mac. I have done some research on these community boards and cannot seem to find an answer to this problem.


I am used to drawing with the data bar using what appears to be a very common method of:


1. Choosing and clicking a start point for my line

2. Using the cursor (and sometimes the shift key for angle constraints) to lock to angle using polar tracking

3. Inputting the length of my line using the keypad

4. Pressing Return (or Enter) to complete my line


Now, when I press return at Step 4 and hope to complete my line, this action seems to override the information I had previously put in to the data bar and replace my dimension with a seemingly random number in the data bar (25631.). I then move the cursor am left in the process of drawing a line, but with no tracking and none of the previous information I inputted to the data bar.


I have taken screenshots to demonstrate and can post them if required.


Thank you for your help.


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You don't mention hitting the tab key.  Do you have "Allow numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation" selected?


If you are using the tab key to activate the floating data bar, then you should be able to hit tab to activate then tab again as necessary to select the field and then enter a value.  You can finish the process with a mouse left click or the enter key.  

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Hi Michaelk


Thanks for your response - I do have that selected and it does allow me to enter numerical values - my problem is that as soon as any key is pressed, my polar tracking no longer works. And when I hit enter after inputting a numerical value, the numerical value and angle are ignored, and the line is drawn wherever my cursor is at the time.


Incidentally, Vectorworks opened using a different workspace today and the problem disappeared. I then transferred to my regular Workspace and the problem is occurring again. Suggesting there is a setting differently somewhere, I am just unsure where.

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