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Tool for rectangles with equal surface


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I am a Vectorworks-User from Switzerland...

trying to create a tool for different rectangles, whose two side lengths can be changed as desired, but with equal surfaces.

This should be very practical when designing floor plans (implementation of space programs).

In a second step I would like to make this concept also possible for Spaces.


As far as I know such a tool doesn't exist in VW at the moment.

I have started studying marionette, but my skills are not strong enough to get there.


Could you help me with this?


I attach my actual network, which is based on the Golden Ratio tutorial from Service Select.

Thanks in advance!




Marionette-part2-start Rechtecktool.vwx

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Hi Gregi

What a coincidence!

Thanks for this. 

It's bringing me one step beyond, but something is missing:

All rectangles should have the same surface, only the edges can change.

In your output, all rectangles have different surfaces...


I've tried this, see attachment.

How can I make the whole range of rectangles show up, like in your example...?

We might need to combine your and my network to get to the point...











Marionette equal surface rectangles.vwx

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Thanks for your input.

The result is exactly what I meant.


What's new for me in your network is: "Sequence..."

You've substituted my Input node "y" (real) with Data flow "Sequence". 

I don't understand the logic of the "Sequence".

Could you please explain it to me?


Furthermore I don't understand the part of the network right from the "rectangle-node".

Why do you need the "Get Area-node" and "round". What is Print Debug doing?


By the way: 


Thanks for any further explanation.




m.graf marionette.png

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