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Can't select object in rotated view



I've been working on this file for a while & recently have lost the ability to select objects in rotated view. It's a pain to not draw dimensions when the project is aligned horizontally/vertically. My mouse goes to select an object the actual selection point is offset & not where I'm clicking on the screen. I had this problem with another file, but was able to knock it back by switching from Top/Plan to Top & back again. Not for this one though.

If I change the rotation it reverts back to the angle of the original layout. Do I have conflicts with an origin point? Does it matter if some objects are on a screen plane & others the layer plane? I've no idea how that got noodled up. Force select on an object where I 'think' it should be results in the message that there isn't anything there.


Unified view is selected with the options selected in all the boxes.

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Suggestion 1 is valid & yes the classes were set to S/S/M others

Suggestion 2 - did that & decided to use a different version of the file.


I should have mentioned that I'm using 2020 SP4 on a MacBook Pro running current version of Catalina.


Thank you for the quick response!

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Hi @KarynT, the peculiarity and temporality of the symptoms you describe, could very well be one of the very many caused by what I call, 'far out objects.' I've encountered this so many times I've created a script to help users diagnose and rectify this condition in their files. Although using an older/backup file has helped, there may still compromising conditions so worth running through the diagnosis stage at least. 


See here: 


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