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Plant data tags


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Suppose I inserted 3 plants of same type by using "single plant placement mode". Now when I use the plant data tags to show the quantity, it shows 1 quantity individually for all the plants inserted, although they are of same type. My question is there any way of clubbing the plants of same type after inserting (using the single mode), so that the quantity shown in data tag reflect the total number of that plant type. In e.g. Acanthus mollis is showing 1 quantity (as it was inserted using single mode), whereas Agapanthus is showing 3 quantity as it was inserted using poly vertex mode.

Thanks for helping.


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Wow that was quick. Thanks

Slightly unrelated question...

Suppose I'm using certain tool set often at different stages of project.

For e.g. in earlier phase I was using Site planning > Plant, now I will using Dim/Notes > Data tags a lot...

Is there a way to quick access the present most accessed tool? As in a quick  shortcut for the tool set above view bar or any other opting like that , so that I dont have to keep going back and forth in Dim/Notes to access data tags?


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You can edit your workspace and create custom tool palettes for the tools you use most frequently in different parts of your workflow.


You can learn the keyboard shortcuts (or edit your workspace and add keyboard short cuts) so you don't have to go to the tool palette to get the tool.


Or perhaps ...

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On 7/26/2020 at 4:26 PM, bgoff said:

Select all three and go to "Change Plant Grouping" in the Landmark menu. This will group them.

Hi new user here.  Enjoying your new Landmark Essentials tutorial.  I ran into this same problem and "Change Plant Grouping" worked but eliminated the line connecting the plants in the group.  Data tag is correct with quantity but the connecting line amongst the plants disappeared.  Also, on plant insertion using poly vertex mode, sometimes I get the connecting line amongst plants and other times, no connecting line.  How do I change that?  Thanks much in advance. 

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