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Other objects in multiple selection don't redraw correctly after responding to reset on Move or Rotate

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Hi I am wondering if anyone can advise -


I have enabled the reset on move and reset on rotate flags in my PIO, and the handling of these events seems to work correctly when a single PIO is selected.  However, if I select other objects along with the PIO, there are some issues.  If the other objects are simple objects like rectangles, etc, their 'preview shadows' move as expected while the operation is in progress, but they do not redraw correctly after the move or rotate operation is completed.  The other object appears to remain drawn in its old location.  But if I move my mouse around, I can find that the object did in fact move / rotate correctly but is now invisible except to selection highlighting. If I select it and change an attribute, the drawing correctly refreshes. The incorrect 'old' object disappears.


If I have multiple instances of my PIO selected, and perform a move or rotate, one of them behaves correctly. The others mostly behave correctly, but appear grayed.  If I select them and change an attribute or otherwise force a reset, they return to normal.


In addition, I sometimes observe drawing objects that were not part of the selection becoming grayed when I perform these operations.


Is there something I am doing wrong or a step I need to add?







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