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connecting Vectorworks vision with Compulite vectorpc consol on the same computer.

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hi, my name is Paz
I need help connecting Vectorworks vision with Compulite vectorpc consol on the same computer.
I have the latest version of vision ( and the latest version of compulite vectorpc  ( GC4.0.R05)
I'm trying to work with Artnet by transmitting from the consol vectorpc to vision. 
I have a dongle for vision but not for vectorpc. do I need one?     
In the "Dmx provider" in vision I choose "ARTNET", but in the "Dmx viewer" I see no change when I turn the lights on in the vectorpc consol
so I'm thinking I need to do something in the vectorpc consol, for the transmission to go throw.
ill be very glad for any suggestion and help with this problem.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If the Vision DMX viewer doesn't show any values when it is looking for an ArtNet signal then your on pc console software is most likely not outputting Artnet.

You can further check this by using an 3rd party app, like artnetview (there are several other free apps)


I recommend you contact Compulite and ask them if their on pc software requires a dongle. I'm not familiar enough with Compulite consoles to be able to help.


Also to clarify the Vision dongle is specifically for using MA net and/or MA on pc without MA hardware (for MA on PC software you need a MA DMX node or command wing to enable it to output any form of DMX).  If you are using ArtNet or sACN it should not be necessary to use a dongle.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@pazworkfornow@gmail.com I would contact Compulite and/or use a 3rd party application to verify that Compulite is outputting data that the computer can read. It looks like it should output the first 512 channels.
I took a quick look at the manual. Make sure you have Art-Net enabled in Compulite.
Art-Net and VC’s must be enabled in Tools 􀁠Settings 􀁠 DMX Protocol.

You are also using an older version of Vision, the current version of Vision 2022 (27.0.3) so there may also be some fixes to the latest version of Vision.

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