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Where is my VW12 upgrade ?


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I bought VW 11.5 in October 2005 ..... as I ordered it at that time I was told I would get a free upgrade to VW12 ..... I am still waiting

I spoke to my reseller and he is so embarrassed but says its Nemetschek dragging their feet, he says all the paid for upgrades have been shiped but is still waiting for the free upgrades .....

don't treat me like a second class user just because I picked that time to buy my upgrade i have been a user since MiniCad 5 ..... but am now getting a bit cheesed off waiting ..... sort yourself out Nemetschek !

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My distributer is in the UK ..... I just called Nemetschek UK and they say I should get it in the next couple of weeks ..... apparently I am near the top of the list ..... watch this space !

they say they have only got 30 sets of free upgrades since they started shipping them early this month ...... they must have ever such a slow factory producing these ..... I think I could get more than 30 sets of manuals printed on my little printer and more than 30 sets of CDs copied in a day on my imac, still its worth waiting for such a quality product

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Nemetschek are not all bad.

I bought the Renderworks add-on module for VW 11.5 in October 2005, the day before VW12 was announced. I assumed that ,although I might get a free upgrade to RW12, I would have to buy the base package upgrade in order to use it.

I had not got around to checking the situation so I was surprised last week to receive not only the RW free upgrade but also VW Fundamentals.

This is good customer relations. Would AutoDesk have done the same?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Klaus, there really is no "Nemetschek UK" that sells VectorWorks. We have a distributor called CU that works through a series of dealers. Who is your dealer? I can assure you that we are shipping VW12 to the UK, and we are -not- "dragging our feet". So if I can get some information out of you, maybe I can help. Email me directly at randerson@nemetschek.net (I agree with Kevin that this is not really a Tech Support BB issue.)

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Hi Robert

I sent you an email and you haven't bothered to reply ....... I have also left a message on your voice mail and again you haven't bothered to reply

It was CU in the UK I contacted (Sarah Black) and she was the one that told me that you have only supplied 30 FREE upgrdes to the UK so far .... again why do I have to wait for my upgrade when people who purchase their VW12 upgrade get it soooo much quicker ...... had I known I would not have bothered with VW11.5, but you won't tell us when you plan to upgrade, so here I am a second class user because of the time I decided to upgrade

Obviously I have got an issue you either can't or won't address

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Mine problem is worst, we bough to copy of vw11.5 on septemeber, I am in Mexico, and we did this throug an authorized dealer here in my country (IWA consultores), and they send me a dongled copye that they purchased through CADTEC, the Nemetscheck Latin America sales represetative (that is suited on Sao Paulo, Brazil), well, this was on September last year, i ask for a "A" versiono of the software, the senb a "B" version whit a dongle, which was unusuable, they change me that dongle for a new one, but until now (02-14-06), I still dont have the Serial Number!!!, for a previous version!!!, so i have an old version, diferente kind that the one o wish "A", o no serial, no talk about a free upgrade to version 12, it is this fair?, ... i guess not, i email to Nemetscheck USA about these and they told me that they don have control on their sale representatives the world but that they can sale me the Version "A" directly, well, the bad thing it is that we already pay for the software, so i shouldnt doit again.

Luis G.

[ 02-14-2006, 07:01 PM: Message edited by: Luis ]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Klaus, as soon as I got your email I forwarded it to our international customer service problem for follow up. I apologize if she has not updated you as to status. I will follow up with her again.

FWIW, I think you will make progress more quickly if you are less negative in your rhetoric. Your language ("you haven't bothered"... "can't or won't address") seems to me to be intentionally inflammatory. The old adage "expect the best, but prepare for otherwise" could be called in here. You seem to be expecting the worst.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

By the way, Klaus, I notice that you work for a Swedish firm (Scheiwiller Svensson Arkitektkontor). Is there some reason you aren't buying from our Swedish distributor, ProgramPaketet AB? It's possible they will give you better (more local) service.

ProgramPaketet AB

Ingvar Ericson

Box 152, SE-382 22 Nybro, Sweden

Phone: 46 481-51123

Fax: 46 481-51121

Email: kundservice@programpaketet.se

Web: www.programpaketet.se

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