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NDI Video input showing in multiple images

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Hello everyone

Hope you can help me on this one. 


I am trying to make some LED screens. But vision seams to duplicate my video input to fill the screen. 




I made the file in Vectorworks, and exported it as MVR, to get it in to vision. 


I am sending NDI from Madmapper. I made to outputs here, one for each screen. 

Both mad mapper outputs has the same resolution as the screen set up in Vectorworks. 




It seems I am missing some kind of scaling or alignment option? 

My Vectorworks settings for the screen is here. 




It is the same situation, when using my webcam in my laptop, as input. 


Do anyone have experience with this? 

Best from Mathias 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In your VW document, you have a color bar texture. You can see that it doesn't fill your mesh; rather it is being tiled. What you want to do is use the Attribute Mapping tool to "stretch" the color bar texture on each mesh such that no tiling is visible (ie; the textures align perfectly to the corners of the mesh).

Vision will take your NDI frame and "pretend like it is the color bars in VW". So, this is why you are seeing the NDI frame tiled in Vision; because the color bars are tiled in VW.

(Just to be clear, tiling is not the issue. The issue is that your texture does not properly "fill" the mesh the way it does in MadMapper.)

I hope this helps!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

With the LED screen tool the texture mapping is done in the Edit Array Image dialog.

The other important thing here is that your image in VW is the same size (especially the aspect ratio) as the image you are using from Madmapper.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
12 hours ago, klinzey said:

LED screen tool

Good catch. I thought these were just extrudes!


13 hours ago, klinzey said:

The other important thing here is that your image in VW is the same size (especially the aspect ratio) as the image you are using from Madmapper.

Very good catch again! Thanks very much for pointing this out as it is very important and I left it out of my comment.


@mhersland Good luck and let us know if you have further questions! Texture/UV mapping is quite a large topic, but once you see it in action it all starts to make sense 😉

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