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Symbols wont separate from tag



I am working on moving a plant tag but the tag is stuck to the plant symbol and moves the whole grouping.  I have tried right and left click and hold looked at ungroup.  Not sure what the setting is.  Please let me know if you have the answer.


Also when in a viewport how do I get back to the drawing?

Screenshot (13).png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Once you have selected the Plant, you then need to select the specific blue "handle "that you wish to move, move it to its new place and then click again to complete the operation.


To return to the drawing, you have two options:

1. On the Navigation palette, just make the relevant design layer active.


2. Double-click on the viewport and choose to edit a design layer. When done, click the orange button at the top right of the screen to return to the viewport. 


Have you seen the abundance of lovely free training materials available to you in Vectorworks University? 


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To elaborate on what Tamsin said, effectively the plant and the tag are a single object. If you just grab part of the tag and move it, the plant will move also.


What you have to do is look for the square, blue Reshape Handle that should be near the tag. If you click and drag that handle, the tag will move and the leader line will readjust to the new location and the plant will stay where it was.

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Ah Ok think I see the problem.  I am not getting the blue control handles.  I am guessing I have a setting wrong.  I can see the end of the tag line highlights red when I hover over it but the whole thing moves.  You can see I highlighted LLBox at the top of the screen.  

Screenshot (14).png

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In the Mode bar it looks like you have No Interactive Scaling turned on (box on the left with the diagonal arrow with the red circle with diagonal line). Try changing to the Interactive Scaling mode (single diagonal line) and see if that gets you the reshape handles back. You can either click the box or use the U key (in the standard workspaces) to toggle through the three modes.

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