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Text Scale Not Right

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I set my text height, make a new style, and it is scaled to 1/4"  but it is not when I measure it.

ie:   set text to 9 points, should be 1/8" text, at 48 scale should be 6" but it is more like 4.25"

Also, edited and saved unstyled text came out black, created text from resources is hollow empty fill; but I do not see any difference in the text format so not sure.  

I"m really anal about consistency in text sizes so this is driving me bonkers.

Attaching file. 


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22 hours ago, LCarm said:

set text to 9 points, should be 1/8" text, at 48 scale should be 6" but it is more like 4.25"

Test size is page based so the viewport scale shouldn't effect the actual size of the text on the page. 


I had a quick look at your file and couldn't reproduce the empty fill issue. It does look like a bug. Are you still having probs with it?

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Did you see if I had something wrong with the text size by chance? my head scratching isn't solving it 


I do have the problem if I create new text but I just duplicate text I already have and change it, it is fine.  

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No I didn't notice any issue with text size. If you can explain a bit more exactly what the prob is?


For the formatting, with nothing selected try setting the default text formatting. Hopefully that will sort the empty text fill issue.



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For me you ECO9_Notes text style is corrupted. I am getting doubled, overlapping, outline letters. If I recreate the test style it seems to work. Just editing was not enough. But I don't think I have the font actually called for by your style. It was substituted to Arial.


Fonts are a really hard thing. There are different fonts with the same name and that generate different sizes even when they are apparently the same size.


11Points on a Windows machine is different than 11Points on a Mac.


Font size is usually determined by the overall height from the highest ascender to the lowest descender.


If you sent a file to someone and they don't have the proper font, the system will substitute something else.


Good luck getting over your text size OCD.  ;-)


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