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I can't seem to apply a class (image) to a wall. I have no issue applying a solid colour but for some reason If I need to apply an image this does not work and defaults back to a colour. 

The wall is classed but I have no idea where the yellow comes from. 


I can render a wall with whatever image but when I apply class texture this does not work, even though the class is set (as it works with any color fills but not image fills).

Photo attached. Anyone has any idea as this must be a simple thing which I did not grasp!


Thank  you,




Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 14.38.46.png

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Thank you.


 I could not find any video for class that explains  class textures. There are a few videos for class but they only mention solid fills which I understand.


I can use class with solid fills and can render without any problem a 3D drawing with textures but struggle setting the class to a texture.

 I wanted to be able to class (say a door/wall ) with a particular "texture" instead of doing this manually for every door/ wall for ex.


  Do you have a link by any chance that would explain the process? @CipesDesign


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Objects can be assigned to Classes. Some Objects, such as Walls and Roofs, have different sides or faces that are each independently assignable in the Edit Class Dialog.


Classes can have Textures assigned to them, but only if Use At Creation is ON for both the Class Attributes and Class Textures. 


Try this: Create a new Class, name it "Walls" (or whatever). In the Edit Class dialog make sure that "Use at Creation" in ON. In the Texture Pane of the same dialog choose a Texture for the Right Side of a Wall, and choose a Texture (same or different) for the Left Side.


Now create a Wall. With the Wall Selected, go to the Object Info Palette (OIP) in the Shape Tab, and assign the Wall to the new Class. Then with the Wall still Selected, go the the Render Tab of the OIP and use the the drop down menus to assign the Left and then Right of the Wall to "By Class". Now when viewed in Open GL (or any rendered view that recognizes textures) the wall should appear with the textures you just assigned by class.



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