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Batch Export to VectorScript

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we would like to export lots (several thousand) Vectorworks files as VectorScript to use for further processing. The only option to process a larger amount of files is "Batch Processing", which unfortunately only converts files from the old format into the current one, and is obviously not what we need.


Any tips would be much appreciated!


Thanks a lot,


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If you are on Mac you should be able to write an AppleScript wrapper to open, do the export and then close the file and move the the next file. I wrote one  about 10 years ago to do a batch export as DWG. Export to VS should be similar.


If you are not on Mac, I don't know of any way to do a batch function on Windows.

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No other way I know of. Vectorworks is really a single file based application. There is no (easy) way for a script in one file to impact a different file. Other than reading and writing resources.


Using an AppleScript to locate the files, open them in VW, and then execute a Vectorscript to do the export, close the file and move to the next one. Is the best that I have come up with.


I can try and dig up the Applescript if you would like.  The Vectorscript was embedded in the AppleScript if I remember correctly.

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Did you ever get your script/process working and, if so, would you mind sharing it?


I'm trying to convert 400+ MiniCad files (from 1998!) into modern formats. I've managed to batch convert most of them to .vwx but I'd really like to get a .dwg and .pdf of each one without manually having to open and export every file twice and will take any tips on this. I've been poking at the Mac Automator but the solution isn't immediately apparent.


Many thanks for any advice/info you might have. 

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HI Sarah,


Here is an AppleScript that will batch export a folder of files to DXF/DWG using the current export settings.  


Run a manual export to make sure you have the destination folder and export options the way you want them.


Open Vectorworks and close any open files. Run the AppleScript and select the folder with the VWX (version 2021) files that you want to export. It will open each file, run the export and then close the file. If the destination file already exists it will overwrite that file.


I don't remember why, but I also store a text block with the time of the export into each VWX file. If you don't want that delete the CreateText Line in the first Run Vectorscript block.


Since this is simulating user key presses, there are lots of delays to let windows open/close. Each file takes about 15 seconds to run.


I recommend that you test is on a small subset (5 to 10 files) and make sure it does what you want before trying to run all 400+. Even then I would probably break it down to batches of 50 or so so that if there is a problem you know sooner.


Something similar could be done for PDF, but unless you have Saved Sets to publish, the PDF export Vectorscript will be more complicated than the one line ExportDXFDWG one here. I have not played with PDF exports yet and don't have time to work on that today.


Ask again if you have more questions.


VW Batch DWG Rev3 2021.scpt.zip

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Hi Pat,


Just to let you know that this did work and was an absolute lifesaver, thank you so much. I ended up tweaking it to run in Vectorworks 2022 and extending that final 'delay' to 10 to prevent crashes on big files—I might see if I can get it to delay while the exporting window remains open, but that's a challenge for another day.


Thanks again for your help. 

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