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Rendering Glitches

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On 7/20/2020 at 2:02 PM, David Poiron said:

0,0 (VW origin) is in the centre of the model (those objects and layers shown in the rendering).


It does not matter where the origin is if there are objects way out in space. Humor me and check.  ;-)


Top or Top/Plan view. Select All. Fit to Objects.  Does it stay centered on your objects or does everything get really small.


Front or any Orthogonal elevation view. Select All. Fit to Objects.  Again does it stay centered on your objects?


If you end up zooming way out then there are objects out in space you need to find and either delete or move back to the rest of the drawing.

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I had the same nasty bug once. Changing the GI settings helped sometimes, but not reliably. The same artifacts just showed up in other renderings. The only thing that helped in the long run was to locate the causing object and redraw it. Finding the object was quite tedious because the splotches occurred with a certain randomness. So I tried to reproduce the error with as few objects as possible until I could locate the cause.

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