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transparent 2D colour?

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I realise this is an old thread (I'm in vwx 2021), but feels the most related thing I've come across to the effect I'm trying to create. I would like a fill colour to be 'see through', but not opaque. Is there a way to do this in vwx? i.e. I don't want the colour to be faded, as happens with editing opacity, or the lines behind to appear duller. I would like black lines behind the colour to show through as black, and the overlay colour to appear exactly the colour I choose. In other software this is called 'Multiply'...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Amanda,


I believe that placing your fill object below or underneath all the other objects to be seen against the fill object, would produce the intended effect with few exceptions.


One consideration would be the layer structure of your document that would possibly make it difficult to place your fill object in the necessary position in the object list. This may make it necessary to create a custom layer for the purpose of managing object fills which may be as simple as placing it as the bottom-most layer. 


I may not be understanding your request completely. So please, reply here if I am mis-understanding your request...



Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 4.00.59 PM.png

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Thanks Frank - you have understood the request, but the issue really comes when dealing with raster, rather than vector data. I see that layer/object order can be made to work when dealing with vectors (although I still think there are occasions where you want things in a different order for some reason, and 'multiply' could be helpful - e.g. trees in plan, would be nice to choose the exact colour of tree canopy without having to fade it to see through, but the trees want to appear to be 'above' the ground level detail).


The big problem comes where one wishes to highlight something e.g. an area of a map, where the mapping exists as an image file and not vector. We can't place the block colour behind, because the image file mapping would obscure it, but by using opacity it is difficult to achieve an effect where the colour is not washed-out, without obscuring the image to a certain extent. For examples of the type of effect we would want to achieve see case studies at https://www.2bconsultancy.co.uk/gis.htm and https://www.2bconsultancy.co.uk/ztv.htm

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