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Seeking Advice On Multicable Tool Usage

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Hi All,


I hope everyone in the live entertainment industry on here is hanging tight.  During the down time, I've been working on some things to help expedite my workflow when we get back to it.


One of the biggest things that I've been focusing on is using the cable tool sets.  I have a pretty good understanding of them for the most part and have created some custom symbols to better fit my standards.  I am, however, at a bit of a loss on how to handle the Multicable tool.


When I'm laying out multicable runs, I put planned breaks in line when I'm spanning trusses so they can fly independently.  They would effectively be labeled, for example, "ML1, Part 1" and "ML1, Part 2" and so on.  Each "part" would essentially be seen as a separate multicable run.  Sometimes, those parts can be within a single multicable size or sometimes it can be across two or three sizes (100' vs 175').  My understanding of the multicable tool is that you draw the run from start to finish, from rack to where the breakout is on the truss. Thats great as you get some very valuable data but the tool sees "parts" as segments, not where a planned break is.  I've tried drawing separate runs using my method but then the data is inconsistent.


My question is:  How you all handle planned cable breaks when using the multicable tool?


Thanks in advance!

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