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Hi, I'm have a vwx file with 109 property lines, since it's an urban planning file. I would like to generate an individual segment report for each of the property lines I have. Could someone help me out with any tips on how to do this? If I select the "preformatted report" for property line segments, I can't tell which data belongs to which property line. All my property lines have a specific Name and Number, these would be the fields I would like to add to the report, to make the data more clear. Thanks!

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Follow up: I have tried to place a "preformatted report" on property line segments, and then create a custom report adding the "Name, Number, Surface area" fields and append it to the existing report, but it adds it at the bottom of the report, not as columns to recognize the initial angle, distance that would belong to each property line next to it's name. image.thumb.png.a948bcd0fbf7c9f888c0164d1f97ba8a.png


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I'm looking to get maybe individual reports for each property line I have, which would look something like this, these I generated with an AutoCAD plug-in that annotates segments for a specific polygon, and also shows the polygon name + area + segment distance + angle. Please let me know if something like this is possible in Vectorworks. 


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