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doors ar not rendering in open GL


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In my relatively stock version of VW2020, most of the doors seem to have all of the components set to <Door Class> which means that they will use the same class that the door is set for.


If you used a Styled Door that used different classes and then switched back to Unstyled it is possible that the classes got set to something else and carried forward into your other doors.



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i set it to unstyled but it seems to be impossible to give it a texture as it was easily possible in VW 2019 see screenshot. But it is not working in VW 2020 anymore instead i have to fill in a form larger than my taxreport for each door...really enoying!! i want a simple door tool! PLEASE!!


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It appears that in VW2020 that the texture of parts can only be defined by a Class Texture and not individually.


If you want the entire door to be the same texture, you can set that texture in the Object and Component Textures box of the of Textures Pane of the Edit Class(es) dialog box and then set the door to have that class.


Or you can use multiple classes and set different parts of the door to different classes.


I don't have a version of 2018 or 2019 set up to be able to test the older functionality.

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an other example how to make an easy task difficult...! now i have to create a texture than i have to create an other class than i have to apply... what else is coming? it is all changing from an creative easy to use tool to an gloryfied spredsheet in my opinion...sorry but it drives me mad. It is one thing if you need it and want to use it but an other for all the 90% butter and bread jobs to complicate work. Is there a simple door plug in arround?



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