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Stamp Tool Numbering Text double digit prob.

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I love the Stamp Tool for Numbering Objects, I

just wish I could define the text block a little

better... when you get to two digit numbers they

insert fine..I continue drawing...look back at

the 2 digit text and it's constrained itself to

look like this:

ex: 12

come back to find this: 1

_disregard lines_______2(right under 1)

as a text block- so I have to manually expand the text block..which is a pain. I've tried to globally to force the desired numberical text to a bigger font size and then reduce it back down, thinking that that would give the text block the space to allow the number to look correct, but to no avail... any thoughts on this?

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Sorry to say: I can't give more evidence. I love the Number Stamp Tool, but for some inexplicable reason - after I have numbered my specific items and gone to another drawing task, with-in the drawing, I go back and the (double digit)numbers created by the number stamp are distorted (as reported in original post)...I've tried to replicate the error, but to no success. It seems to happen only when I am under the gun to get a drawing finished (of course).

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