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Import stories / levels from another file

Samuel Derenboim


I don't know if this was proposed earlier, and if that's the case, just putting it up again. Wanted to request the ease of importing stories and levels from another file, or as a template, or choose to import part of stories from a different file more easily. This is especially the case if a referenced file uses stories, but the annotation file requires them to be added once more.

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5 hours ago, matteoluigi said:

another issue would be referencing stories. I can imagine that there seemed to be no more need, since project sharing.... however, project sharing imho doesn't totally replace referencing...


We haven't implemented that yet as I've head many complaints about projects not getting saved, problems assigning layers, etc...

How is your experience with sharing a single file with multiple users?

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9 minutes ago, Samuel Derenboim said:

no, was referring to project sharing (where two users can work on the file simultaneously. I thought that was what you were referring to.


I only said, that referencing lost a little importance in Vectorworks since project sharing somehow. (for reasonable thoughts of course) however, both, project sharing and references are useful tools, in my opinion.

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Just for clarification, Project Sharing is not two users working on the same file. Each user is always working on their own copy of the file and can work either online or offline.


Project sharing is a Master file and then each user using their own Working file. Objects are "checked out" from the master file so that only one person can work on them at a time and are "Committed" back to the master file or "Released" so that others can access them. This is intended to prevent different users from making changes that overwrite something some else is working on.


It is actually more complicated, but the above states the basic idea of how Project Sharing works.

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13 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Project Sharing is not two users working on the same file

sure, but there are still more users working in the same project 😉.

However, I think, we're losing the main topic of this post. Migrating and referencing storey-heights from one project (either from a simple vwx or a project-sharing-project) would be a very useful thing!

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Thank you @Pat Stanford 


You're right, I didn't get into detail of how it worked and checking part of the file. My concern is if there is a single crash or problem on one computer, how would the information be saved and would it affect the integrity of the master file that is being worked on.


I also noticed that the larger a file gets (annotation + BIM model), the harder it is to work on because more ram is required not withstanding any other unknown conditions. The more gears involved ,so to speak,, the easier to cause problems. Hence the solution for referencing information and using reference files to do annotation in a separate one.

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