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Please don't kill Cut 3D Section yet!

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Cut 3D Section command was taken out of the new standard (designer/architect) workspaces.

At the Workspace Editor one can see it was assigned to the Legacy category.

I believe this move shows NNA intention to remove the command on newer versions of VectorWorks and I think they must believe that Section ViewPorts make Cut 2D/3D Section commands obsolete.

I beg to disagree.

There is no way to achieve certain results (isometric sections, section study models) without using Cut 2D & 3D Section commands.

Section Viewports are great but they do not (yet) replace completly the Cut 2D & 3D section commands (specially the Cut 3D Section) for certain uses.

Please NNA, don't take away those commands from your users!

Alexandre Villares

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My vote is in for keeping these methods of section cuts. They are very useful for all of the above and also some "slice b y slice" analysis of problem spots.

I would also add that there are a number of tools in the "legacy" category which should be kept - I keep reintalling the "old" callout arrow tool because it is so useful to do two segment add on arrows to callouts, etc.

Keep voting for your favorite legacy tools. They make the program more useful.

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I do almost the same thing with VP Sections: place one VP Section, duplicate it in place, group the two VPs. Now I can set one to shallow depth with heavier line weights, various fills; the other gets more depth (maybe even infinite) and lighter line weights. Set the marker on one of them to invisible.

Gives me most of the "depth" control I like while still keeping my sections live.

Good luck,

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