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DMX addressing by selection order

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Hi Nick,


The best way for run based numbering is using the 'Manual' setting within Spotlight Numbering.


To do this I find it best to:

  1. Have no lamps selected, but be on the Layer with your lamps.
  2. Spotlight>Spotlight Numbering from the menu bar.
  3. Tick the box next to DMX Address. (See additional options for the DMX Footprint, either manually input a number or by the allocation within the fixture profile)
  4. In Numbering Direction choose Manual from the Primary Direction drop-down.
  5. Press Ok.
  6. Start clicking on your lamps one by one in the order you'd like them to be numbered.
  7. When finished double click in a blank space.

Hopefully that answered your query, should I have misunderstood let us know!





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