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Image prop from 2D & 3D imagery


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Is it possible to make a plant's image prop using 2D or 3D photorealistic imagery available in Vectorworks Libraries > Objects > Landscape Plants > 2D Imagery Elev Photorealistc and Vectorworks Libraries > Objects > Landscape Plants > 3D Image props photorealistic?



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thanks for the reply. I get your reply about 3D images, but is there a way to use 2D image resources too. As in there are lots of relaistic images under VW Libraries>Objects - Landscape Plants>2D Imagery Elev photorealistic.



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@bgoff  No, I mean is there a way to convert 2D image in Vectorwork libraries as 3D images for a plant style? For e.g. can I make a plant style for Anigozanthis that uses the 2D image available in Vectorworks Libraries > Objects - Landscape Plants > 2D Imagery Elev Photorealistc > Herbaceous > Anigozanthos 'Amber Velvet 1.0 Elev as the plant style's 3D view as shown in the print screenshot?




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On 7/14/2020 at 3:42 PM, jeff prince said:

The method I use is to create my plant images for use as image props within a plant style...

Edit a photo in Affinity Photo/Photoshop, save as PNG with a transparent background.

Import the image into VWX as a resource.

Create my new plant and then add the "3D" using create from image.  This builds the image prop for you.


Jeff - thankyou.


I'm in the same boat up here in northern California, using mostly natives.

We have traditionally made our own 3D plants for our MAYA workflow from our own photos.


Almost all the VW forums and instructional videos say "go to the resource manager and look at all the pretty pictures pre Installed!"


So helpful to have your method from user generated photos!


I was going to force my way through this tommorow.

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@hollister design Studio happy it helped you.  Since you have actual 3D geometry of plants, there are some cool possibilities with plant objects...


This is a demonstration I made for one of my Vectorworks tutoring clients.  He wanted to see lots of graphic data about plants.  So this single plant object houses all of this information using classes, 2D geometry, image props, and a 3D model.  You get different display characteristics via class control.  This is obviously reliant upon a disciplined Class and Viewport methodology to be successful.  Plant Objects are one thing I compliment Vectorworks on frequently.



And when you have actual 3D geometry in your plants instead of imageprops, there is a whole new world of possibilities...



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@jeff prince So import pngs with transparent backgrounds, but what resolution and sizes are these images? 


We are going to digitally hand draw our own database of images but we just want to be sure they are created at the appropriate resolution and size for scaleability. 


What dpi?

What LxW pixel dimensions/range of dimensions?



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@Jessica Soulliere 


I would love to hear from VW an official Mapping Guildline, but that's probably not going to happen.

Jeff has been asking for info for years.


In my experience 'acceptable' texture sizes can change drastically depending on the size of the object.

When I was texturing in Maya (a different program, but one that actually gives you control over textures and UVs) I used to keep 'human sized' textures to around 4000x4000.

Smaller objects or tiled textures could be slightly less - but I don't think I ever went below 3000.

And that was back in the day before CUDA cores...


Arroway Edition medium maps (not the ones included in VW, but the purchased packs) are 3000x3000 when they are square.

Their large maps can be 11,000x8000 or larger and those are tiled...


I've tried to carry that over to VW and most of my plant images are around 3000x3000 and cropped as close to the image edge as possible.


I have a couple of 1000x1000 images (the worst is a Pride of Madeira at 742x572 that looks horrible) - but they were the best image I could find on google and I haven't gotten a good isolated photo myself yet.

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