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Custom Residential Design and Drafting Work—Long Term Opportunity

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I am a custom residential designer (former architect) in the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia (Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech, and the New River Valley region more specifically). I have run my own one-person business since 2001 and have more work than I can handle on my own.


I am looking for help from someone who is desirous of a long term commitment, including being willing and able to relocate (if not already living in this area—this area is truly a great place to live!)


The ideal candidate will have VW-specific experience designing and drafting a variety of home styles and their construction methods, including light-frame wood, ICF, tilt-up concrete, etc. The ability to work from schematic design through the production of construction drawings with details is essential. Additional knowledge/experience of small commercial work would be helpful. 3D drawings in the early stages of design are a vital part of my practice, as is a competent use of Renderworks. Your own hands-on construction experience would be an added bonus.


I am completely open to design collaboration, with the long term goal of being able to fully hand over my business sometime in the next 8 to 15 years (I am 57 years old). I also have a goal of marketing the numerous plans I have created as stock plans, and have considered providing a generous percentage cut from each sale to the person who can get this business aspect going. With this in mind the ideal candidate will share to a great degree the philosophies and approaches I apply to my business and the relationships I establish with my clients, summed up in "The Golden Rule." If you don't know what that is or don't wish to live by it then you are not the ideal candidate. 😉


While the ability to serve clients in a timely way is vital, you otherwise would have the flexibility to follow your own schedule, as well as pursue additional work outside of this relationship I envision. Because my small office (really a workstation) is in my home, and for tax filing purposes, you would work in your own home or office with your own current version VW license, under contract, which we can work out to our mutual satisfaction.


And, while I know that much work can be accomplished remotely, oftentimes the work needs a physical presence, in terms of establishment of the relationship with myself, establishment and maintenance of client relationships, being able to design to a site which you can only understand by walking it, and being able to take field measurements for addition/remodel projects.


Location in this area is not an immediate requirement, of course, and I can hand over some work right now as a way for us to get to know each other, but... I will only consider providing this work to someone who expresses a true willingness—and demonstrates an ability—to relocate, for the aforementioned reasons. THUS, I will appreciate your not responding to this post if you represent a staffing agency or CAD drafting shop, live outside the U.S. without the ability to permanently relocate to the U.S., or for other similar reasons.


Summary of Major Requirements


•       Vectorworks 2020 software, including Renderworks

•       Residential design experience, from schematic through production of CDs for permits, with a competent working knowledge of the IRC

•       Fluency using Vectorworks, including 3D tools along with rendering

•       Construction knowledge, preferably with some hands-on experience

•       Some knowledge of green building techniques

•       Strong communication skills

•       Ability to listen well and take direction, yes, but also able to provide useful design and technical input as well (I'm willing to learn from you!)

•       Able to adapt your CAD methodologies to my current system—at least at the outset for ease of file-sharing. But if you are the ideal candidate you will take on more of the design and drafting work as I release more to you, and so I would expect you to ultimately work with the system most comfortable and efficient for you

•       Willingness and ability to relocate to a very scenic, pastoral area of the country (see attached image of a view from one of my local client's home) with a slower pace of life, and possibly take over my business in the long term

•       Knows and lives the Golden Rule.


Is this you? If so, I am anxious to meet and find out. PM me.



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Revisando en internert me encontre esta notica: "Estoy buscando ayuda de alguien que desee un compromiso a largo plazo, incluso estar dispuesto y ser capaz de reubicarse (si no está viviendo en esta área, ¡esta área es realmente un excelente lugar para vivir!)"


• Software Vectorworks, incluido Renderworks.

• Tengo experiencia en diseño residencial, desde esquemáticos hasta la producción de CD para permisos, con un conocimiento competente del IRC.

• Tengo fluidez usando Vectorworks, incluidas herramientas 3D junto con renderizado

• Tengo conocimientos de construcción, preferiblemente con alguna experiencia práctica.

• Tengo conocimientos de técnicas de construcción ecológica.

• Tengo fuertes habilidades de comunicación, pero tengo conocimientos medios del idioma Inglish.

• Tengo capacidad para escuchar bien y tomar dirección, sí, pero también puede proporcionar un diseño útil y una aportación técnica (¡estoy dispuesto a aprender de usted!)

• Tengo capaz de adaptar sus metodologías CAD a mi sistema actual, al menos al principio para facilitar el intercambio de archivos. Pero si yo soy el candidato ideal, asumire más del trabajo de diseño y redacción a medida que le entregue más, por lo que esperaría que finalmente trabaje con el sistema más cómodo y eficiente para mi.

• Cuento con la voluntad y capacidad de reubicarme en un área pastoral muy pintoresca del país (ver imagen adjunta de una vista desde la casa de mi cliente local) con un ritmo de vida más lento, y posiblemente hacerse cargo de mi negocio a largo plazo

• Y si conoco y vivo la regla de oro.

CV MARC 2020.pdf PORT MARC 2020 STR.pdf

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I'm a licensed architect ( NCARB registered) in Charlottesville running 2020 designer on an iMac pro with considerable residential experience. I'm in and out of Roanoke and Blacksburg with some regularity (but not recently due to the pandemic). All my work is done in 3D (it's faster). Happy to try to help you out and chat more about what you're after.





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I'm replying to my own post to say this is still an active search. This statement is still true: please do not respond to this post if you represent a staffing agency or CAD drafting shop, live outside the U.S. without the ability to permanently relocate to the U.S., or for other similar reasons.

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